Washed / Exposed Aggregate Pavers

Light Traffic/ Decorative

Washed / Exposed Aggregate Pavers
Washed / Exposed Aggregate Pavers

In addition to attractive looks, exposed aggregate pavers deliver real value where it matters. These tough pavers are ideal for just about any environment. You can use them for your home surrounds, for patios, and all outdoor areas.

They can be very useful on-site, too. They’re ideal if you have a “difficult” area where you need foot access because exposed aggregate pavers are as tough as they look. They’re perfect for sloping areas or hazardous spaces where you need a good footing. Basant Betons’s unique non slip surface options are good for seasonally wet areas, clay, and other problem areas.


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Key benefits include:

Unique finish that glistens in the light

True to size, easy to lay, slip resistant

Pedestrian, driveway and permeable paving options

Up to 40% less natural resources used

10% reduction in cement= lower CO2 emissions

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