Polygon Beauty

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Polygon Beauty
Polygon Beauty

Polygon beauty is Mediterranean style, rustic, innovative, high quality paving system with irregular contours imparting a look of natural broken stone. Recognizing a particular pattern is not easy and each stone looks unique. The stones can be laid at random with ease. The joints  can be filled with grout or a chips of with the colour of the user’s choice which could be contrasting or a sober one. Can be used in landscaped areas across gardens, patios and light-use areas.


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Colours & Finish

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Fine Grain Ivory
Grey Black Blended
Red Black Blended

Available Colours:

The right combination of colors could spruce up the residential or commercial landscape.



V1 to V3 : 135x165x80mm

N1 to N8 : 270x330x80mm

H1 to H3 : 270x165x80mm

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